Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Okey Dokey Smokey, its getting a little winterish outside. I think I forget about this strange "cold" phenomenon every year. 

Every year about this same time, I start wondering "Why do I live in Saskatchewan??? -- where 40 below is as common as rice in China."  But then I remember the beautiful sunsets that I can actually see every day,  the wonderful people,  and the homey feeling here... and then I stay for another winter. It all evens out in the end. 

This has been my biggest project yet.... I can't wait for you to see it!!

Here's a sneak peak: 

It all starts with some shimmying to the left.
Or just some wood shims. Really, which ever you like better.

You can buy these guys pretty much at any hardware store. I got 2 different sizes to change up the layers.

Just glued 'em together with wood glue... staggering them so some go down lower.

Here's my big pile of em!

Next step, glue them all together to make a nice big circle :

Just a few more to put in there.

All glued. I filled the holes in with glue from a glue gun... just to make sure.  I thought about painting it at this point, but I actually really liked the different colors of wood. 

 My dad is awesome and helped my out a bit. I don't really use saws. Nor do I want to... Really it comes down to a self trust issue of cutting my hand off.

I measured this board for him to cut so it wouldn't show through the other side.  Then we screwed this board in to the wood so we could use it for hanging it on the wall.

Drill some little holes for the screws, like this one.

Then comes the mirror part -- these handy dandy guys held the mirror in place. Much less risk than gluing. Don't really want 7 years bad luck again.

Now they are all around!

And now... drumroll please...... 

Ta da! I found the mirror at Ikea -- it was a little bigger than I wanted, but I was tired of searching and gave in.

These tools helped me out with the hanging part.  I definitely had to find a stud to hang it because man, was that thing ever heavy! Ya, I'll skip the gym today. 

And a little Christmas decor to boot!

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