Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Hemp lamp shade

Sometimes.... just sometimes,  Pinterest gets the better of me. Ok, maybe more than just sometimes. 

But here's the latest adventure with Pinterest written all over it.

What you will need: 

Beach ball, or large balloon
Hemp string ( more for larger size balls)
Clear drying glue
Something to hang up the ball (i.e. string on a pole) 

I started with a beach ball, it seemed the most practical since I would be able to deflate it. And - the inflater valve at the top is perfect for tying string around for it to hang.  (I just used a pole between two make-shift pillars!) 

I got a ball of hemp for about 6.99 at Michaels (with the 40% item discount of course)

You can use any kind of glue that dries clear -- I just used some clear Elmer's -- if you want something more sturdy, you can also mix that with some firmer glue, so its not totally out of your price range.  

My method was to pretty much coat the string in glue with my hands has I strung it along. Then wrap randomly around the ball leaving a good size circle in the middle to take out the beach ball and also to fit a light in there afterwards. 

I let it dry for a good 24hr and then felt gently around to see which parts needed more glue and recoated it.  Then I let it dry for another 24 hours and deflated the ball and gently pulled it out.

After all my hopes to put a light in there -- I might just keep it as decoration for now!  
It's nice I get some options with it - hang or set on table, light or no light!  
Versatility is always welcome here.


  1. Awesome job! I can't wait to try this! Did you poke a hole in the beach ball or was it still usable after you were done?

  2. Hey Karen!
    I just deflated the ball at the blow hole and it was totally usable again!

  3. Looks great!I tried to do it, but the hemp string keeps sticking to the ball after deflating it. Any advise?

  4. Try coating the beach ball in vaseline first -- that might help!


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